Training Overview


The foster care system only has availability at any given time for 20% of the children who need a home, which shows that there is a critical need for licensed foster families who can support these vulnerable children in need of placement. Fostering Our Future has created a series of training courses for families, community partners, volunteers, and child welfare professionals to address that gap by providing Biblically-informed and family-centered training content.

Our training courses not only provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively care and advocate for foster children and the families who support them, but they also help volunteers and biological families explore and meet the needs of their own families and communities. By participating in training with Fostering Our Future, you will be able to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children and contribute to the overall improvement of the foster care system.

    1. Foundations Pre-License Training

      Foundations for Strong Families and Supportive Communities aims to equip potential foster parents with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively care and advocate for foster children. Participants will learn about the Florida foster care system, trauma and its effects, how to positively manage behaviors, and how to advocate for the best interests of foster children.

    2. In-Service Training & Certification

      Fostering Our Future Academy (FOFA) is a competency-based professional in-service training program for foster families and child welfare professionals. Monthly in-service modules provide up to 15 training hour sper annum from leading subject matter experts in the community-based child welfare movement. FOFA training hours qualify for annual foster home licensing renewal.

    3. Volunteer Training

      We believe foster family support teams should be trained specifically to assist foster families. That’s why we have structured our volunteer training to reflect the different levels of support volunteer opportunities available, so that no matter what role is chosen, there is training to support and equip them. Volunteer training uses selected topics through our Foundations Pre-License online training.

Foster Family Testimonials

The Christian-based classes with Fostering Our Future offer an enriching experience for individuals interested in becoming foster parents. Having previously fostered for fifteen years as well as co-training traditional MAPP/Pride classes, Fostering Our Future is truly a remarkable approach.

-- The Ludwig Family

We felt so defeated in the mainstream classes and support systems until we found Fostering Our Future, Julie, Bill, and their team. The classes brought real-life situations and principles, tangible advice, and allowed us to work at our pace with weekly gatherings to connect, share, review, ask questions, and have meaningful discussions. 

-- The Griffith Family

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-- Sandra Fae, Pastor