How Your Church Can Help

  • Recruit & Support Foster Families
  • Train Family Support Volunteers

It takes compassion, courage, and determination to be a foster parent, and even when a foster family or kinship placement is found for a child, the family is often under-equipped and under-supported for the challenging work of foster care ministry, which leads to burnout.

At Fostering Our Future, we know it takes a village to care for and support vulnerable children and the families who care for them. We believe churches are uniquely equipped to help provide the wrap-around support, training, spiritual guidance, and pastoral care these children and foster families desperately need, which is why we partner with churches across Florida to help build and support foster care ministries.

How Fostering Our Future Helps You Set-Up
& Maintain a Foster Care Ministry

Fostering Our Future has created a faith community-based program to help churches recruit and train foster families and family support volunteers. Through our program, we equip ministry teams with the tools, training, resources, and processes they need to set up and maintain a foster care outreach and support program as a compassion ministry of their church.

  • Build Capacity & Systems
  • Recruit Families & Volunteers
  • Ongoing Training & Support
We offer a state-of-the-art web-based platform for volunteer management. Each church, foster family, and foster team member is entered for easy reporting. Visit
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Foster Family Testimonials

The Christian-based classes with Fostering Our Future offer an enriching experience for individuals interested in becoming foster parents. Having previously fostered for fifteen years as well as co-training traditional MAPP/Pride classes, Fostering Our Future is truly a remarkable approach.

-- The Ludwig Family

We felt so defeated in the mainstream classes and support systems until we found Fostering Our Future, Julie, Bill, and their team. The classes brought real-life situations and principles, tangible advice, and allowed us to work at our pace with weekly gatherings to connect, share, review, ask questions, and have meaningful discussions. 

-- The Griffith Family

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-- Sandra Fae, Pastor