Case Support

About Case Support

Fostering Our Future works with families (foster, adoptive, biological, kinship, and/or fictive kin) to provide case and legal support on a case-by-case basis.

How It Works

  1. The family reaches out to Fostering Our Future with questions or concerns regarding their case.
  2. The family completes a simple case support intake form to provide Fostering Our Future with a short overview of the case in question.
  3. Once an intake form has been submitted, Fostering Our Future schedules a call with the family to go over the specifics of their situation and case. This is an opportunity to listen and provide support to the family, ask questions, and gain a better understanding of where things stand regarding the status of their case.
  4. If the FOF advocate determines the case warrants a legal consultation, a referral and consult are scheduled. The attorney will then provide next steps and paperwork if engagement is warranted. FOF will also provide an agreement to the caregiver related to funds, additional training, ongoing support, and updates. Dependent on each case, FOF will also provide some financial assistance as needed.
  5. If legal consultation is not warranted, the FOF advocate may choose to work through community resources/solutions available to us, and actively watch the case.
  6. The advocate will continue to check in with the family and attend court hearings with the family for support.
  7. Fostering Our Future actively tracks cases and holds records on outcomes.
For questions about case support, please contact Julie Stephenson at

Foster Family Testimonials

The Christian-based classes with Fostering Our Future offer an enriching experience for individuals interested in becoming foster parents. Having previously fostered for fifteen years as well as co-training traditional MAPP/Pride classes, Fostering Our Future is truly a remarkable approach.

-- The Ludwig Family

We felt so defeated in the mainstream classes and support systems until we found Fostering Our Future, Julie, Bill, and their team. The classes brought real-life situations and principles, tangible advice, and allowed us to work at our pace with weekly gatherings to connect, share, review, ask questions, and have meaningful discussions. 

-- The Griffith Family

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-- Sandra Fae, Pastor