About Fostering Our Future


Fostering Our Future invites community service partners to join our 100 Families Alliance, where they are then trained to leverage existing community resources using a collaborative impact strategy to help struggling families move from crisis to stability to thriving.

The goal of 100 Families Alliance Members is to keep children safe at home with their families and out of the Florida out-of-home care system whenever safely possible.

Through our 100 Families initiative, Fostering Our Future provides holistic, real-time care coordination between service providers, who in turn wrap around biological and kinship caregivers to coordinate community resources in 13 care areas including housing, transportation, employment education, addiction/recovery, and food stability using a shared measurement system that tracks the efficacy of interventions.

100 Families Alliance Members collaborate in a proven environment based on the five conditions for successful collaboration:

  1. Common Agenda
  2. Shared Measurements
  3. Mutually reinforcing activities
  4. Real-time communication
  5. Dedicated facilitating organization

We work with individuals, service agencies, churches, and other organizations to foster: